About OSG

One Strategy Group (OSG) is a leading boutique career consulting company in the U.S., UK, and China. We offer professional and personalized career consulting services for international students worldwide. By developing mentees’ professional knowledge, technical expertise, and communication skills, we assist more and more Chinese students in securing positions at top financial institutions and consulting firms. Additionally, we aim to share the newest and most insightful analysis of recruitment information across different industries, standing out among career coaching companies.

As a leading career counseling company, OSG employs full-time staff in both the U.S. and the UK. Our mentorship team is present in every major center we target, ensuring that OSG can offer 24/7 recruiting services to all mentees.

Our mentors are professionals at the most prestigious investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and consulting companies. They are not only professionally adept but also serve as excellent mentors who have undergone rigorous training and assessments in teaching, which is another factor that sets us apart from other career consulting companies.

OSG is selective in announcing mentee offers, we only announce those that are well-paid and can lead to full-time sponsored positions. We do not count any offers that are off-cycle, unpaid, or cannot result in full-time employment. Even with these high standards, we still have more offers than we can advertise on a daily basis! This high standard differentiates us from other career consulting firms, as we prioritize quality and ethical practices over quantity.


OSG’s Story

Thousands of Chinese international students aim to break into finance, consulting, and other elite business careers each year, but most never succeed. Many students seek help from career counseling companies to leverage their success. Meanwhile, however, the information asymmetry has enriched many career consulting firms that prioritize profits and marketing over results and professional ethics. “Pay to intern” and “fake offers” are just some of the phenomena that we have observed over the years.

Our dream of establishing a career consulting company – One Strategy Group was to remove the bamboo ceiling within the finance industry and create pathways for Chinese students seeking careers in the Western finance world. Every young person we can help will be a part of that dream. Perhaps one day we will leave finance and consulting ourselves, but as long as we can strike the match to shine a path for all Chinese international students, we will create a legacy that can ultimately change this industry.

Focus, Professionalism, and Community: Our DNA

Since our foundation in 2020, One Strategy Group has been at the forefront of career consulting companies, known for our one-to-one specialized services, high offer rate, and personalized career strategies at top universities globally.

FocusWe are known to be the leading career consulting company for finance and consulting career advisory.

ProfessionalismAs an experienced career counseling firm, our unique career advisory system enables each student to navigate their own unique path to success.

CommunityCommunity is key to our success. The fact that 90% of our new mentees are referred by our previous mentees affirms that OSG is among the top career consulting companies

FocusWe are known to be the leading platform for finance and consulting career advisory. 

ProfessionalismThe unique career advisory system that OSG has developed will allow every unique student to take their own unique path to success.

CommunityOur mentee love us because they are all a part of our community. 90% of our new mentee are referred by our previous mentee.