Service Process


Building Strong Foundations (Career Planning Coaching)

  • For students grappling with foundational knowledge gaps and uncertain career interests:

    We offer a holistic approach that includes crafting personalized curriculum plans, enhancing academic backgrounds, and facilitating exploratory job sessions. This early-stage career planning coaching sets a solid foundation for future career success.

  • For those with a solid educational foundation and defined career goals:

    We’ll assist in creating a strategic plan with timelines, refining application tactics, and enriching personal narratives, developing a strategic path forward in their career planning coaching.

  • Transitioning careers?

    For those seeking a career change, we’ll rebuild your fundamentals, enhance industry knowledge, and hone your interview skills for a seamless shift.


Expert Mentorship and Valuable Resources

  • Application Enhancement

Our mentors specialize in refining resumes and cover letters to ensure you stand out from the crowd. This is a pivotal part of our job interview coaching, preparing you for success from the start.  

  • Strategic Networking

Receive expert advice on crafting cold emails, conducting mock coffee chats, and breaking cultural barriers to connect with industry professionals.

  • Campus Integration

Leverage our support to gain entry into prestigious organizations and clubs, a critical step towards background enhancement and personal growth. This engagement is often the first step in a well-structured career planning coaching journey.



Personalized Learning with One-on-One Lessons and Knowledge Expansion

  • Mastering the Interview

Engage in 13 hours of personalized lessons focused on polishing your interview techniques as part of our dedicated interview preparation coaching.

  • Technical Proficiency

Dedicate 20-24 hours to one-on-one and group lessons, enhancing your knowledge through assessments, written tests and video interviews, supported by our many-to-one guidance approach, integral to job interview coaching.

  • Written tests and video interviews

Many-to-one guidance and multiple tests and interviews for practice


Realistic Interview Preparation (Job Interview Coaching)

  • Mock interviews

Through detailed one-on-one mock sessions, our mentors offer comprehensive feedback and strategies on mastering behavioral questions, technical challenges, and case studies, closely simulating the real interview environment to prepare you thoroughly. The mentors will also provide you with comprehensive guidance on stock pitch, market news, M&A deals, and case studies.

  • High-level mentors

Simulating real settings for students to accommodate all scenarios


Securing Offers and Achieving Long-Term Success (Career Planning Coaching)

We devise bespoke strategies and career development plans for securing job offers, including a specialized training camp designed to ensure stellar performance and return offers, with continuous mentor support for any career-related inquiries. This strategy is at the heart of our career planning coaching, offering our mentees long-term success.


6.End-to-End Support for Securing Ideal Job Offers

  • Full-time Job Support

With a focus on full-time applications, our mentors provide support, guiding students towards achieving their ultimate career aspirations, beyond summer internships.

  • OSG Network

OSG’s exclusive “alumni network” spans across the US and the UK, benefit from OSG alumni network, offering ongoing career connections and opportunities.We partner with you to achieve your career goals.


Considering it’s your first job search or you’re looking to switch careers, interview preparation coaching can give you an edge. A coach can boost your confidence, help you perfect your quick introduction, and make you stand out in the crowd. OSG experts provide mock interview sessions as a part of our interview preparation coaching, which can significantly impact the interview outcome.

Career planning coaching is a type of guidance where a professional, known as a career coach,  guide you through your professional journey. Our career planning coaching focuses on your long-term goals and work with you to develop a roadmap to achieve them. This involves learning new skills, refining your resume, and prepping for interviews and more.