Service Process


Initial assessment for better customized package

  • For students with weak fundamentals and vague job interests
    Curriculum plans, background enhancement, job exploration

  • For students with a good basis and clear career objectives
    Timeline planning, application strategies, better personal stories

  • For students switching career objectives halfway
    Build fundamentals, deepen industry understanding, improve interview performance


Professional mentors and resources for application materials and networking

  • Application materials
    Revise students’ resume and cover letters

  • Networking
    Guidance on cold emails, mock coffee chats, break cultural barriers

  • Campus resourses
    Help students to apply for top organizations and clubs for background improvement


One-on-one lessons and all-round knowledge building

  • Behaviorals
    13 hours of one-on-one lessons for interview techniques

  • Technicals
    20-24 hours of one-on-one lessons for industry and sector knowledge
  • Written tests and video interviews
    Many-to-one guidance and multiple tests and interviews for practice


Mock interviews based on coming opportunities

  • Mock interviews
    One-on-one mock interviews by mock mentors to improve behaviorals and technicals Comprehensive guidance on stock pitch, market news, M&A deals, and case study

  • High-level mentors
    Simulating real settings for students to accommodate all scenarios


Preparing for offers and returns

  • Receiving offers
    Customized strategies and career development plans

  • Full-time offers
    Training camp for students to perform outstandingly during internships

  • Return offers
    Mentors accompany students along the way to answer any career questions


Whole-process company to ensure the most ideal offer

  • Support full-time application
    Specified mentors and help to support students to apply for full-time jobs

  • Ideal offers
    For students that aim higher than summer internships, OSG provide customized service for further career exploration

  • OSG Network
    OSG has built up anexclusive “alumni network”, covering associates in both the US and the UK