Unlocking Your Full Potential

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the workplace. We provide specialized behavioral and technical coaching to help you ace written tests and video interviews, develop industry knowledge, and succeed in interviews with our one-on-one sessions and customized approach.

Behavioral Coaching: Mastering Interview Techniques

At OSG, we recognize that interview techniques play a crucial role in securing job offers. Our career coaching packages include 13 hours of dedicated one-on-one lessons, specifically designed to enhance your behavioral interview skills. Our experienced mentors provide personalized guidance, helping you develop effective strategies, refine your communication style, and master behavioral interview questions. With our behavioral coaching, you will gain the confidence and poise to impress potential employers and stand out from the competition.

Technical Coaching: Industry and Sector Knowledge Building

Technical knowledge is essential for success in various industries. OSG offers 20-24 hours of one-on-one lessons focused on building your industry and sector knowledge. Our mentors provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring you understand the intricacies of your desired field. Additionally, we offer written tests and video interviews to assess your technical proficiency and provide targeted feedback for improvement. Our many-to-one guidance and multiple practice tests and interviews enable you to refine your skills and excel in technical assessments.

Benefits of OSG’s Career Coaching Packages

OSG’s career coaching packages are designed to provide personalized guidance based on your goals and aspirations. Our coaches take the time to understand your unique strengths, interests, and challenges. They work closely with you to develop a customized plan that aligns with your career objectives. With OSG’s personalized guidance, you’ll gain clarity, set achievable milestones, and make progress towards your desired career outcomes.

1. Skill Development and Confidence Building

OSG’s career coaching packages go beyond traditional career advice. We focus on developing essential skills and building your confidence. Our coaches provide targeted guidance on improving your resume, enhancing your interview skills, and mastering networking strategies. Additionally, we help you develop vital soft skills, such as communication and leadership, to thrive in today’s professional landscape.

2. Ongoing Support and Accountability

At OSG, we believe in providing ongoing support throughout your career journey. Our coaches offer continuous guidance, ensuring that you stay motivated and on track towards your goals. We hold you accountable for your action plans, providing valuable feedback and encouragement along the way. With OSG’s support and accountability, you’ll stay focused and empowered to achieve long-term career success.


OSG Career Coaching Packages are designed to unlock your full potential and propel your career to new heights. With our one-on-one lessons, all-round knowledge building, and customized coaching approach, we provide the tools and guidance you need to succeed. From mastering interview techniques through our behavioral coaching to developing industry and sector knowledge with our technical coaching, we offer comprehensive support. Our customized coaching packages cater to your specific needs, ensuring holistic development and empowering you to excel in interviews, written tests, and video interviews.